Rémy magicien - Firmenich

Fusion between DSM and Firmenich


Corporate day during the merger between two giants of the world of taste and smell,
Don’t you know the two giants mentioned? Have you ever eaten a vanilla yogurt, do you know the Opuim perfume, your laundry softener without a good fresh smell …

The few examples here are the work of Firminich which has just merged with DSM under the name of DSM-Firminich.

Today this merger will be able to respond on four different sectors: Perfumery and beauty products; flavors for food and beverages; health and nutritional products; and, finally, animal nutrition.

The magic mission of the day was to create a scenario around a sugar booster principle present on Ibiscus Apple tea leaves, a scenario thought out in collaboration with the agency mediatree. Challenge realized with the appearance of a sugar that turns into powder and a test drink before and after (with the technology and without the technology). The investors who were present and not used to this exercise understood the capacity of this sugar booster accompanied by a magical playful moment.
The animation of the whole day between each plenary break, during the meal and during the final cocktail was a great success.

And you, when would you like us to work together on your next event ?